Bay Bible Fellowship Elders

Lincoln Forlong - Pastor

Lincoln and Jo were part of the original church plant group of 2009, with Lincoln serving as the primary bible teacher and later being recognised as the Pastor of Bay Bible Fellowship. Lincoln and Jo have 2 adult sons, and operate an automotive garage (Forlong's Automotive), while serving in the ministry the rest of the time. Lincoln's focus is on discipleship, expository bible teaching, developing a church culture of personal evangelism, and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tom Griffiths

Tom and Kate, with their 3 children, joined BBF in 2011 and quickly integrated into the ministry life of the church. Tom's heart for winning souls for Christ soon lead him to begin a Home Group Bible Study, and was soon recognised as an elder. Tom has passion for sound bible teaching, discipling, and Home Group leading. Tom's passion for Christ and God's Word is contagious and forms an integral part of the church character.